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    Larger Than Life

    Haven't been on here in a while, so I thought I'd post something I wrote a few months ago. I'd love some feedback! Thanks and I hope you like it!When we're young The world is huge, A mass of discoveries Waiting to be revealed, We grow older, Learn of things That distract us From the bigger...
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    I just wrote this probably too fast...just a burst of inspiration...tell me what you think please!? :) Linger The heart was open Then was broken Now alone and closed up tight Can't get out Stuck with the pain Until unlocked becomes the chain The sound of hurt The sight of anger All these...
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    A poem for Kita

    I wrote this for my dog who passed away last summer. Feedback? Kita Both of us were almost three, We grew up together, under that cherry tree, Lunch was mandatory for you, But one day it was not all true, You wouldn’t eat it, that’s for sure, You couldn’t eat it anymore, The next...
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    Time goes slow, Days go by, All in which, I wonder why, Why I feel the way I do, Why it hurts not to be with you, I cross off days, I look at the moon, And I think to myself, He'll be home soon.
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    pick a pace

    I was hoping to get some ideas on how to format this poem...I'm actually not sure if I can call it a poem...can I? It's a bit mixed up...but any ideas??? I feel as if the world has stopped, But left me here alone with you, So we can find the perfect place, We'll settle down and pick a pace...
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    Be With You

    This is not bad, But it cannot be good, I don't know why, But inside I should, Why if I can't, Be with you now, At least some day, I will find a way how, Without you I feel, A part of me gone, But in some way I know, There's no need to move on, Endless sleeps, With you away, I know sometime...
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    Uncovered Lies

    Here is the beginning of a story i started a few months ago, let me know what you think :) “Just tell me what you want!” Macey yelled, “Then let me go!” A husky man walked over to her chair in the middle of the dim cement room. “That’s just the problem young lady, you are what we want.”...