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  1. N

    Facebook and a Love Story!

    A love story assisted with today's technology- Facebook is a perfect example of why social media is not so bad, after all.A friend request seemed fascinating that day. She couldn't recognize the person in the display picture but her pupils dilated at the very sight of the cover photo- kept...
  2. F

    Monster love interests: to do or not?

    I've been seriously thinking about the concept of the "monster love story"; that is, a romance that involves one or both parties being explicitly not human, at least in the traditional sense. The most obvious example is Beauty and the Beast, but I think that story is often misunderstood when...
  3. F

    Changeling *Working Title*: Draft in progress (20893 words)

    For anyone who can't read the attachment, here's the rest of the text. Part One Caterpillar “—Upon the last skin shed, the sufficiently plump caterpillar finds a suitable location to pupate. From here, the insect spins itself into a...
  4. M

    Series and Prequels

    It worked for Star Wars, but for the life of me I don't know why. Will it work for a series of romance short stories involving the same protagonist and antagonist, and three different love interests? Story number three to be published first and containing hints pointing backwards to the #1 &...
  5. PiP

    WritingForums BookStore

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  6. Articulate Lady

    The Stranger and His Guitar

    The following story is based on real life events from my life: Memories in my mind. A smokey filled room, bustling with chatter. Sitting with my Honey Jack Daniels, I strike up another cigarette on my pillowlips as the mysterious guitar player across the room starts playing “When a Man Loves a...
  7. LadyF

    The Writing of "Life after Matrimony"

    I decided to write a story a day for my blog. This very story tormented me so much, that I had to present it in such manner, or throw it entirely away. It is about two humans, who believed they would live happily ever after. Their names: Charlie and Lilian. No surname. No background. Just...
  8. I


    Hi All, I am posting a short preview from my first chapter, it reads quite dark and mysterious but it wasn't supposed to :???:. Its supposed to be romance, any tips on how to convey longing. But maybe that is just the impression that I am getting, I would love any and all critiques you can...
  9. Elsey2

    Chapter 1 of Before the World Died (mature content)

    It was the third week in July and to say the weather was hot would be an understatement. For more than a week the temperatures had touched down in the 90's and the humidity never seemed to break. Negan and Lucille, married barely more than a year, hosted a barbecue for friends and family at...
  10. M

    Progression of a Romance?

    So I've had this story in my head for years. I have tried to write it again and again. I know the premise of the story but here is what's stumping me: How do I make the progression of the romance believable? Here is my series in nutshell -Krystina comes from a family who is famous in...
  11. L

    New Romance vs established romance

    I have never been a fan of new romances in novels because the way people choose romantic partners is more honey-moonish pasion romance,vs finding a person to be a true companion.It's why I have always been a fan of friends to lovers.Maybe it's me,but I can NOT just fall in love with this hot...
  12. D

    Any romance book you can recommend for valentines?

    Just wanna read good romance book for valentines and maybe recommend it to my friends :)
  13. KellInkston

    Romance scenes, how to? (Possibly explicit)

    For certain, the scenes I've written the least are romance scenes- most of my stories just avoid them because I love the thoughts of non-sexual characters so much. I've written a few, however, and I'd like to improve. So I beseech you, knowledgable Author, how do you write romantic scenes...
  14. Elsey2

    Love scene from story (Ronnie & Madison) - Chapter 12 "Don't Leave Me"

    Part of the romance story I am writing. (I will repost if this the formatting is messed up). I'm not great at titles, so if anyone has input on that I would gladly take advice! :) I sat by the window ledge and watched in the distance as the ocean’s high tide casted wavesup over a short rock...
  15. F

    Subplots in a romance.....

    Hello everyone :) I am working on my first novel, this is one I want to write more for myself than to be perfect and published. I have two what I believe to be strong characters who cliche as it is 'fall in love'. The two main characters have a good enough story. He is an aspiring chef from...
  16. hvysmker

    A Time For Love 2 of 3

    An Immortal can't seem to win his gal. Synopsis: At the age of 80, Johnny Adams will die, only to rise again in his own 10 year old body. Each time, he strives to win a lost love, left long before on a tiny Pacific island. Each time, he strives, yearns, for her eternal affection, coming close...
  17. hvysmker

    A Time For Love 1 of 3

    An Immortal can't seem to win his gal. Nerves on edge, face pressed to an oval porthole, I watch from a window seat of a Douglas DC-3 as the aircraft circles a small island in the Marianas. It's February in the year 1953, less than ten years after the war. Another war is raging in Korea but...
  18. gokedik

    of Monique

    Hair flowing like a field of wheat in a breeze., the kissing was deeper, than imagination could take me.. This gift of touch by a Matriarch, is a stitch in my heart, and a flashback before my last breath. I questioned reality at sunrise, A nefarious act, this was. Beneath troubling...
  19. gokedik

    Her and Him

    On a small porch in back of the building, people were allowed to smoke and that’s where they met. Both in wheel chairs, him, from a relatively minor spinal chord injury that was major enough to take away his ability to walk. Her, from a stroke she had while swimming in a pool that made her left...
  20. J.L. Franklin

    Theirs Was a Strange Love (violence)

    Theirs Was a Strange Love (Rated T+ For Violence) The two had a love-hate...almost erotic relationship with one another. Sworn enemies working in tandem with another: a wicked waltz. They moved together, he mirroring her moves, she his teeth and claws in the shadows, his phantom in the...