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  1. lumino

    Feet in Blank Verse

    When writing blank verse, can you use other feet besides iambs and spondees?
  2. lumino

    Hopefully, I have made some progress.

    I have long undertaken to master writing, but have faced setbacks time after time for neglecting to follow certain rules. Though many have critiqued short pieces I wrote, advising me to follow those rules, I refused to do so because I thought I needed to achieve my goal through some other means...
  3. lumino

    The rhetorician's couldn't figure it out

    What I have often researched on the web is prose rhythm, looking for some principles by which to arrange metrical feet in my writing, in order to give it the sound of something as eloquent as the King James Bible. I have not found much of anything to do with rules for rhythm, except things that...
  4. lumino

    Disdain for Beautiful Writing

    Disdain for Beautiful Prose It seems that today many disdain prose with a style that makes you attend to it, discouraging those who would write that way from doing so, and urging them to use the plainest words that they can. I, on the other hand, though I have striven to avoid writing that way...
  5. lumino

    Does anyone have a copy of my piece?

    In 2012, I think, I wrote something and posted it on the writer's digest community site, but I lost the piece and then that site shut down, which is not the forum which they have today. In other words, they no longer have a copy of what I wrote. So I emailed one of the people who worked at...
  6. lumino

    Is there anything wrong with these sentences?

  7. lumino

    Is it wrong to use synonyms to achieve rhythm?

    Let's say you want to write in a certain kind of voice, and using one word in a certain places goes against your goal because of its sound. Is it wrong, then, to use a synonym with a sound that helps you accomplish your goal? Would this be wrong because no two words in the English language mean...