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  1. B


    <<<<<This one is pretty short and sweet, and I usually write in free verse. Let me know your thoughts!>>>>>>>>> Orange twists and lemon pie Something sweet like summertime Sun-baked sunscreen and whiskey rye I wish we could do this all the time But the sun goes down and the grass turns brown...
  2. Solus

    Lucien the fallen

    (I would recommend reading the redraft rather than this one, as I consider the second iteration superior) Let me tell you about my life Let tell you about my dreams Let me tell you of a life adrift, I wish it wasn't me Of my everlasting strife Of a mind tearing at the seams Of my arrogance and...
  3. B

    rhyming dictionary

    hello everyone at WF, i would like to introduce you a new rhyming dictionary which i think to be genuinely on of the best online. it can find rhymes for unknown words. it sorts the rhymes well so that the best rhymes shows first. it just find good rhymes :) so you can find it at...
  4. Gentle Zack

    The Goal

    1 He missed the life of molting mares For what he knew was nothing rare What he wants, he cannot feel In the coils of the eel Its golden thunder deeply shocks The stoning ache of flying rocks And why – asks he who made the goal Why with the win am I not whole? 2 He knows the pain is...
  5. R

    A poem for Kita

    I wrote this for my dog who passed away last summer. Feedback? Kita Both of us were almost three, We grew up together, under that cherry tree, Lunch was mandatory for you, But one day it was not all true, You wouldn’t eat it, that’s for sure, You couldn’t eat it anymore, The next...