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  1. gokedik

    Year in Review

    I’ll be turning 41 next month. October 15, stone cold Libra. I review my life when a birthday is this close, not consciously but as a habit. I have a friend, and once mentor, that I’ve known for 20 years and one dear, once therapist, friend I’ve had for ten that is still #1 in my book. Two new...
  2. S

    A Book Review of "Silas Marner"

    I'm mainly looking for ways to improve the structure and feedback of the review and others like it. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the expressed views is besides the point. *** Silas Marner is primarily a character study of its title protagonist, a weaver who lives completely alone in...
  3. N

    micro fiction critique??

    This is meant to be cheesy but realistic ;) Any critique would be appreciated... also, would it be awkward to understand the characters if it was spoken in a presentation> Thanks! "Hey! You ate the last Cheez it!!" "Who cares? I asked for it first anyway!" "No you didn't!! Mo-om!" "Good...
  4. B

    "Rad" First time submission, a story from my addiction memoir

    LIGHTHOUSE I give Carol a hug. I feel sick, but a little excited; not sure if its early signs of withdraw or a...