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  1. Stormcat

    A Day in the life of a Spymaster

    Most stories that involve espionage center around the spies themselves. Whether it's the glamourous but fictional exploits of James Bond or the real-life stories of wartime (and peacetime) spies. But what about the people who "handle" these spies? I've got a character who is the de-facto head...
  2. B

    Researching Writer Safety Issues

    We're running a survey on safety issues affecting authors, open to 30th March, which groups including Alli and the Crime Writers Association are supporting. We're trying to find out how common problems like online harrassment etc. actually are and writers' opinions on them. It's completely...
  3. imgene

    Researching A Time/Place You've Never Been Or Can't Visit

    Did a little searching, but didn't find a thread that fits. If one exists, feel free to direct me over. What suggestions or methods do you fine folks have for doing research into a geographical area you want to write about but are unable to physically visit? Let's say you wanted to write about...
  4. Stormcat

    Love in the time of COVID.

    COVID-19. We all lived through it.... No.... We're STILL living through it, with no end in sight! It has touched all of our lives. for some of us, more deeply than others. This disease has spawned countless conspiracies on both ends of the political spectrum, so I could use some help...
  5. Anita M Shaw

    Researching real places . . .

    Anyone out there live in RI, and been to the Newport Hospital at some point? The more recent the better. It'd help my stories if I could know at least on what floors the ICU, the birthing center and one floor where regular patients stay are. I'd hate to say a particular floor for each when they...
  6. Elana91

    What I know as far as self publishing...

    I did a lot of digging and researching many years ago about: self publishing I found it DOES NOT require any college courses, nor does it require a lot of info, basically just the know how and can do attitude. Though my next question is: Do I have to have a copyright document in PRINT in order...
  7. kbsmith


    Hello everyone. My latest project focuses on the function of feedback as a musical device. Using the constant battling motion of the beats, I am able to create more sounds than are actually being produced by any one musical instrument. Instead, all of the sounds reverberate between each other...
  8. kbsmith

    Common Knowledge effect on Persuasion (1800w)

    a. Introduction Hi all. I am a marketing student at _____ University; I wrote this for an assignment (sophomore course). I feel I did not finish my argument with power and I am seeking examples or feedback to help me organize my thoughts. I try to read over it, but just get lost in how fun...
  9. Crying

    Infection that requires a specific cure?

    My MC was shot in the leg and now he and my female MC are on a journey to look for a cure. Is there any specific illness/infection that might need a specific cure that wasn't plain antibiotics? Thanks.
  10. theusedfire5

    Need Some Help Collecting Basic Info

    I am working on a book based around the variety of basic beliefs that are in society today and how they impact everyone, to be brief. I developed a survey to gather people's input on just the basics to start. However, I need more people than have taken it so far. If you have 5-10 minutes I would...
  11. D


    When I began writing my book set in Sydney in 1966 I researched the background at the National Library in Canberra. I wanted to make sure my memory was accurate. I read many of the actual newspapers the Library has checking weather, current events and TV shows for the period. I even found the...
  12. B

    On the Rise

    We are Encyclopaedia Britannica. We are here to offer research options and helpful tips on all your writing needs! Please, ask us anything!!