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  1. Guest Post: The Almighty Weighs In

    Guest Post: The Almighty Weighs In

    Hello and you’re welcome. It’s a pleasure to be everywhere, but especially here. Because wherever “here” is for you, I’m also there, which could be anywhere, so watch your butts (because I’m there, too). Sigmadog was kind enough (“kind” in the sense of a morality that was gained by exposure to...
  2. N

    Theism and Atheism

    Theists and Atheists.Theists and atheists, I will say that again. Don't feel attacked. Not yet. I am yet to unfold some mysterious revelations now and who knows you might want to change sides? Let's start with establishing what your stance is right now. Are you an atheist? Yes or No only. I am...
  3. G

    A Religious Satirist ..

    I have written few films recently, I’m now committing a suicide I’m messing with the ‘R’ word, Oh God, bless me! Six major religions I plan to focus on: Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon and sigma. Beta guys hate the delta ones, Epsilon members loathe Alpha. Gamma is against Sigma...
  4. Elvenswordsman

    Repost - Life and Death

    Like a Baroque caricature of Apollo He cast his epistle from the dais in the cavernous hall Across the midnight horizon line His iconoclasm ranging as far as the Three Fates reign The mausoleum now stands as a necropolis Jesus poses odalisque in the ruins of his keep Construction of his lintel...
  5. C

    A Letter to a Friend

    *****, I wanted to write you a personal message. I, obviously have been responding to several of your posts lately, and I wanted to give you a little more insight into why. As you can see by my photos. I am very much in love with nature. I have spent many hours, by myself, deep in the...
  6. P

    Ashes to Ashes: Katrina

    Father Rock prayed on the rooftop of his storefront church submerged in the great flood. The first day’s heat squeezed him hard. On the second day an old friend died and he floated the body into the muddy water where it disappeared in silence, an oily sheen in its wake. On the third day he...
  7. theusedfire5

    If You Believe In Something

    This is the title of my book in progress. It is essentially a proclamation to all who see that beliefs impact their life regularly. It covers where beliefs originated, their impact on society, where these beliefs may lead us, and if we were to unify all these beliefs where it would go. However...
  8. S

    An Upholsterer from Oregon

    Hi, My name is Stephen. I'm married and have two children, an 18 year old daughter and a twelve year old son. We live in Oregon. I'm also an upholsterer. I've never written a book, but I do a fair amount writing in my journal, writing articles about upholstery related topics for my websites...
  9. Richard.E.Craig

    Path to the Watering Hole No1:(reflections on radical Islam):By Richard.E.Craig

    As children they had forged a friendship, cast in a forbidden die-a love not understood by most. Many saw it base and evil, others thought it carnal lust,some knew the boys and knew it love. The Mullahs raged and decreed it sin, the mothers wept for their beaten sons,their beautiful boys...
  10. R

    From an Otherwise Comfortable Room

    [Shhh] I’m an island with a ghost in my head. I’m a rolling hill of grass. I’m a bird, an eagle or a sparrow. I’m a stag in the forest, a shadow in shadows. I’m a continent joining sunrise and sunset. I’m a saline sea whose waves are years. I’m a traveler and a homebody. I’m an artist...
  11. UnWritten


    I'm not religious at all and in the novel I'm working on there is a Funeral that will be taking place. I have absolutely no idea how different religions go about funerals. I've no idea what preachers/pastors/fathers say during the ceremony or what kind of special treatment certain people receive...
  12. A

    Holy Candles and the Three Days of Darkness

    “Tommar! Ronny! Jamie! Weefer! Becky! Shelley! Marnie! Petie! Johnnie!” That meant it was either morning or “TIME TO SAY THE ROSARY!” We dreaded that sound like you wouldn’t believe. Mom was Catholic and did her best to raise us that way, too. Poor woman. She had nothing backing her but a...