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  1. Gliding Thermals

    Gliding Thermals

    You are Kelvin, holding to your absolutes. A windswept plateau too stubborn to yield, you stand in eroded glory revealed the implacable nature of your heart. And I, Fahrenheit’s child, cling to the familiar highs and lows, ride your thermal current flows and know, I’m but a beat, a breath away...
  2. fpak

    Love in vain (1,562 words; expletives)

    Note: Rolla is a lower income area in Dubai. Also there is some explicit language in the story. Love in Vain (Working title) I drove Nabila to the airport that day for her afternoon flight to the U.K. My wife was going to commence her Master’s Course at the London College of Communication...
  3. gokedik

    Dominoes in the Sand (Part 3 of an adult journey)

    Cyndi descended the stairs rapidly. Arriving at the bottom, she pranced over the sand to a spot suitable for two that might be kissing and getting to know each other, away from the crowd. The brim of her large white hat was bending up from the strong breeze. Her oversized sunglasses looked like...
  4. G

    Her Agony, An Experimental Short (400 words)

    To all my readers, please read the story twice, you will enjoy it even better. "Wake up," I yelled. He slapped me. I was silenced, yet again. Everyday I tolerate this misery but he doesn't care. "What the hell, its 9am, why didn't you wake me up?" he frowned looking at me. "Come on, I must...
  5. Glyph

    Herb (Some Explicit Language)

    Hi everyone, so this is a story I started writing about a boy who recruits this girl on a drug mission. This is the first chapter. I would love to hear feedback - good or bad. I want to know if I should continue with this and if it has potential. If people like it, I will post up the next 3...