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  1. Chris Stevenson

    Nabbing and Keeping an Agent

    Get ready to submit to an agent when you have a completed, polished manuscript, an intro query letter, a full synopsis, a little bio paragraph, credit list, some social media links and maybe a brief marketing plan. I just found out about a year ago that series really DO sell. I didn't...
  2. Frankyette

    Rejection Letter! :D (Aka: Call for People Who Write Queries)

    I'm in the throes of trying to get a book published (I've submitted to about ten agents so far), and today I got the first personalized rejection from Emily Smith at A Plus B Works: Dear Hannah, Thank you for submittingEssie's Eleven, but unfortunately we cannot offer representation at this...
  3. B

    Wigg'n I think is the term...anxiety to the max!!

    Man do I need your help with this one folks… I am having one very anxious day; just dealing with one thing or another. Than something that I read in this months “The Writer” magazine kinda pushed me over the top. “Writing contests”…I have seen that a term 100 times only this time the idea...