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realistic fiction

  1. ickmonster73

    Dark-Pt2-1165 words

    This is a continuation made from my first part, Dark. Small changes have been made to the first part, so if you'd like to see them, as well as any other progress, go here. Thank you for reading, feel free to leave comments and enjoy! :) We walked further until we were out of the line...
  2. ickmonster73

    Dark-5609 words

    Help! I'm looking for some critique and some ideas on how to continue this. I honestly have no idea what the problem is going to be and would like some input. Thank you so much for reading and enjoy! :) Dark It was dark. Trying to find my way through all of the trees and suffocating...
  3. Macto Deum

    This is My Gift to You - Short Story

    This is a short story I wrote some time ago. I didn't really chase any revelations or deep philosophical inquisition with this, but it does reflect some personal experiences of my own life, so it is rather dear to me, unlike most pieces I've written. I would consider this to fall under General...
  4. L

    Sincerely, :) [Chapter 1]

    Hello. this is the first chapter of a novel that I'm pretty close to finishing. I've posted here just to get some thoughts on it, as I'm now moving into the editing phase. Thanks in advanced to all critiques!! ------------------------- Chapter 1 – The Runaway Greg looked around...