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  1. JellyTrigger

    Bonds of Insanity (22 Words)

    Dear fellow readers, Just posting a short piece for critiquing, it seems a bit plain to me. :scratch: Please review! Sincerely, Christian Rodriguez The Newbie Writer "Bonds of Insanity" Her voice was as cold as rain. Screaming of immense pain. Weak from our rusting chain. I struggle to...
  2. I


    Hi All, I am posting a short preview from my first chapter, it reads quite dark and mysterious but it wasn't supposed to :???:. Its supposed to be romance, any tips on how to convey longing. But maybe that is just the impression that I am getting, I would love any and all critiques you can...
  3. M

    Broken Journey

    Have deleted this poem because I'm unable to control the line spacing. I typed it with a line break after every four lines but it either appears without any breaks or with double spacing after every line. Would welcome advice please.
  4. J

    The Cold Summer Rain

    This was a memoir i wrote awhile ago…God i hope the girl this was written about doesn’t see this. The Cold Summer Rain I was lying on my bed, with my face down engulfed by the cool threads of my pillow. Unlike every high school senior who was...