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  1. Haint Blues

    Haint Blues

    The ghosts of this poem are unwritten, they hang out on front porches on warm Southern nights, float around every corner. Pop up in the middle of a sentence uttered by a stranger at a convenience store while you’re buying jerky. They ruin your favorite tv shows, pull on your ears while...
  2. D


  3. T

    The Word You Dare Not Say(minor language used)

    This is a persuasive essay about why the use of the word '...' shouldn't be impermissible. The Word You Dare Not Say Chickenbutt. uh ohhhh
  4. R

    Ch. 3: Fear of X (and teenagers playing basketball while listening to Tupac). Languag

    Dear friends, Haven't posted for a while--many things happening. You can check out the new look of my website if you haven't yet--there's a like button, and a link to the novel's facebook page--I've completely rearranged it, so the novel's no longer in chronological order. I'm skipping posting...
  5. Driver's Ed 101

    Driver's Ed 101

    She was well into her fifties, when daddy ran her down on the road to enlightenment. Eighteen wheels of ignorance never leaves pretty roadkill. There had been signs along the way of course, but they were hidden by the forest of family trees. Sounds of daddy, raging at the television as Dr...