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  1. Justin Attas

    Questions for a Ghostwriter

    Hey everybody, Here's a topic that never ceases to strike up public interest at gatherings. I was a ghostwriter. For the sake of clearing up any possible confusion, that means I was paid a lump sum to write a book based on someone else's idea. That person received the credit for the book and...
  2. AwkwardWriter

    Late Night Dwellers

    Hey, everyone. I hope you're all doing well. This thread is for all you night owls who feel like sleep is an afterthought. Often, when people are tired, they don't think as well; I call this "sleep drunk." Sleep drunk is when you grow so tired that you act like a drunk person: laughing at...
  3. Phoenix Raven

    Looking for help and tips using OpenOffice/LibreOffice

    Being a big fan of open source software I choose to use OpenOffice and LibreOffice when writing my novel. I'm new to office software in general. While I feel I have learned alot this year there is still alot I'm clueless about. Why am I a fan of these 2 office suites? Well for one they are 100%...
  4. Manfredjed

    Inner thought questions - what is the proper grammer?

    In a piece I am writing, I am sharing the inner thouights of the lead. I came up with this sentence, and am curious as to if it takes a question mark: Why did she do that, he thought. Why did she do that, he thought? I could re-write it to read: He thought, why did she do that? which to me...