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  1. Louanne Learning

    Comma and Conjunction

    I've come to notice that comma splices are common with beginner writers. A comma splice occurs when two independent clauses are separated by a comma without a conjunction. I love my dog, I think he is the cutest dog over. (Grammatically incorrect.) When two independent clauses are separated...
  2. markymark

    Monetary Ranges

    Without recasting, do these look to be punctuated correctly? Notice the omission of the dollar sign before the second figures in the first two. a $5-10 million a year industry a $5-10,000 per year raise a 20-30% a year increase a 20-30% annual increase (probably better?) a 20-30%...
  3. markymark

    Copyeditor's Handbook Question

    The Copyeditor's Handbook says: In a phrase like "ten-to-fifteen-minute traffic delays," the "ten to fifteen" constitutes a unit—an approximation of length of the backup—and it is therefore not a suspended compound. It continues to say that if "and" or "or" is used, it is a suspended compound...
  4. gorweave

    Single Quotes around Letters as Letters, Words as Words

    In older BrE style, was it correct to punctuate the plurals of letters and words in the following manner? 'X's, 'a's 'thank-you's, 'I love you's, 'to-do's, 'how-to's, 'maybe's, 'I do's, 'whereas's (instead of 'whereas'es') Thank you.
  5. gorweave

    British Punctuation with Inverted Commas

    To a British punctuation expert: Are the following sentences punctuated correctly per BrE style? I'm especially curious about the correct placement of the full stops and commas, both inside and outside the quotation marks. 1. When Mike yelled 'Go to hell!' the neighbors heard him. 2...
  6. A

    Trouble sentence with emdashes to rewrite

    I would like to some advice on rewriting the following sentence that uses em dashes: You will boost all your foosball skills — passing, shooting, and defending — quickly and painlessly regardless of your experience level This is an important line promoting my book on my website and book...
  7. Extinct_Stimulus

    Colon Capitalization

    While I'm pretty safe with the semicolon, something that's really starting to bother me (as I find myself needing to use it more often) is the colon. I can stick it where it needs to go and use it properly in a sentence, but when I need to figure out what I do with the letter that comes after...
  8. I

    Hi and quick question (or maybe, quick hi and question...)

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I joined primarily because I need help with technical/grammar-type issues related to a short story I'm writing and I'm not sure where exactly to post my questions. I know how annoying it can be to have someone post in the wrong section, so before I even try, I'm...