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  1. Tomkat

    Cover Letter for Magazines

    Hey there, fellows of the craft, would you help me understand how to write a cover letter for Online Magazines? I have no publishing records, nor I have that huge academic background to boast when I submit my short stories to these platforms. I usually started out friendly: "Hey...
  2. seigfried007

    Speculative Fiction Stories that Editors See Too Often

    Bumped into this listing last night on Strange Horizons and figured it might help some of us make spiffier, more publishable stories (or spiffy up some we've already got). Feel free to add more unlikely-to-sell story ideas and what editors have told you about what they want or don't want to see.
  3. scerys

    Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing?

    Hello, I was hoping to open a discussion about the pros and cons of both self publishing and traditional publishing. I've been doing a lot of research but I would love to get some advice from people with first hand experience. I'm still in the process of writing my initial novel but I want to...
  4. Mugician

    Approaching an artist about illustrating my novella

    I'm very close to the final draft of a YA/fantasy novella, and I'm planning on self-publishing. There is an artist that I follow on Flickr who does unbelievably beautiful watercolor. Watercolor has always been one of my favorite mediums, and this particular artist's style is perfectly matched...
  5. Frankyette

    Rejection Letter! :D (Aka: Call for People Who Write Queries)

    I'm in the throes of trying to get a book published (I've submitted to about ten agents so far), and today I got the first personalized rejection from Emily Smith at A Plus B Works: Dear Hannah, Thank you for submittingEssie's Eleven, but unfortunately we cannot offer representation at this...
  6. TKent

    Guest Interview: Hugh Howey

    This month, WF is excited to bring you an in-depth interview with author, Hugh Howey. Prior to his self-publishing success with WOOL, Hugh was at times a computer repairman, a yacht captain, and a bookstore clerk. He now lives in Jupiter, Florida with his wife Amber and dog Bella. He has been...
  7. B


    I was happy once. I could think. I could feel. But that was before the voices started. "You can do it. You can kill him." I'm scared. I'm scared because I know I can. Killing someone is easy if you can't feel anything but pain. I know because I have done it. I have never learned to ride a...
  8. J

    Local Gems Poetry Press

    For all those interested--Local Gems Poetry Press has a new and improved website. Local Gems Poetry Press - Home For poets out there--they normally have anthologies open and they are known for having poetry books on all different themes. Right now they have an anthology open on Retail. :)
  9. S

    Will content writing for sites like textbroker help?

    Sorry if this has ever been asked before. I've always heard that it helps to have some sort of "writing resume" when it comes time to try and find agents and publishers for your novel. I've always been confused about what exactly this means..."writing resume". I write novels, not short...
  10. L

    Creating Newsletters Question

    I was wondering what everybody's feedback was on reblogging, An option in which WP offers if you stumble across a post you really enjoy, it will re-post a snippet of it, linking back to the original blogger's site and it says where it was originally posted. If you use this option is it okay to...
  11. J

    hi, i need a pro to give his opinion on a sample of my work please (not a detailed re

    im looking for a pro who has published successfully before to take a look at a sample of my work (around 50 pages) and tell me if my writing is up to scratch and is pro, publishable quality. It's fantasy for MG. If interested, please message me. I am not looking for a detailed critique or...
  12. J

    Hi, im writing fantasy

    im looking for a pro who has published successfully before to take a look at a sample (around 50 pages) and tell me if my writing is up to scratch and is pro, publishable quality. If interested, please message me. (its MG) Thanks a million!
  13. larryslater

    Greetings All!

    This is my first writer's forum. I've been in printing and publishing for over twenty years but have just recently been doing some writing in the religious area. These have been 1000 word short stories set in a fictional monastery on various ethical and religious topics. The most recent works...
  14. T

    Anyone used CreateSpace?

    Just wondering if anyone has used CreateSpace.com to publish ebooks? If so, what has been your experience? Positive, negative? Would you recommend and why?
  15. K

    PubIt! by Barnes & Noble - Easy eBook Publishing!

    I forgot, but I'll bring it to everybody's attention that PubIt! is only available to people in the U.S. This seems like a simple solution if you want to publish a book but don't know where to start. I haven't tried it personally, but a few months ago I logged onto the Barnes & Noble website...