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  1. Q

    Where to find publishers and agents who deal with Erotica?

    Are there publishers and agents who specialize in this? I get the feeling that erotica is no longer a fringe interest among readers. I’m working on a collection of short stories in the genre..definitely not lowbrow / sleaze, and looking for a good publisher, perhaps agent first. Any suggestions...
  2. am_hammy

    Guest Interview: Mary Woodbury

    This month we had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Woodbury, the founder of Moon Willow Press in Coquitlam, British Columbia. The main focus of Moon Willow is to publish books incorporating environmental themes, and since 2013 has expanded into different genres to share the stories and wisdom...
  3. Robert Donnell

    Animosity Towards Publishers and Editors?

    I have been accused of having animosity towards Publishers and Editors. True sort of. I have spent several years talking to writers, learning the business side of it and I have heard a lot of horror stories about Publishers and Editors. Now to be fair I do not know if that is 99% of the time...
  4. C

    Publishing Resouces?

    I'm not sure where to even start with regards to trying to sell my first book? Does one need to be represented? Or get published, then shop for representation? Anyone? Or is there a big book of publishers like writers digest? that will list all of them by genre for me? Sorry, I'm serious but...
  5. C

    Might it not be worth writing Victorian Era Romance?

    I love the Victoria and all 18th-19th Century romantic stuff. But I've heard most authors that started in that subgenre have since switched up to modern times for their settings in their romance novels. I still would like to at least play with some plots and ideas, but does it sell anymore? Does...
  6. debideb

    Good day everyone

    Hello all, I wanted to introduce myself. Of course my name is Deborah Rosello...Debi for all of my new friends (you). I am a 38 year old mother of three and wife to the absolutely perfect man for me. Since high school, my interest in writing was discovered when Journalism quickly became my...