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public speaking

  1. Mikeyboy_esq

    Dear fellow authors, Get out there and SPEAK! :)

    If you write books (especially nonfiction), you should consider giving FREE speeches in your local area to increase visibility and sell books. Speaking engagements not only result in back of the room sales of print books, but also online sales and the opportunity to share your event to a wider...
  2. Mikeyboy_esq

    Why Authors should be Public Speakers (and sell more books)

    Neverthought about BEING A SPEAKER until after I became an author. Now I’maveraging one speech a month and enjoy it immensely! Plus it’s a great way tosell books and interact with my readers. This article explains the howsand whys nicely...
  3. C

    What is failure?

    Since it is a Bank Holiday, I consider today the end of the week. Last week reminded me of the adage, "nothing ventured nothing gained." It struck me that there is a counter axiom to that, that goes something along the lines: "he who has no goal, has no obstacles." It is easy to be...