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  1. seigfried007


    I bumped into a really fascinating site on archetypes this afternoon, and I thought other writers might be interested. I've never set out to write an archetypes, necessarily, but this site's not about "peasant prince" type archetypes--more like deep psychological archetypes. Especially if you...
  2. agraymatter

    Always There, Lifelong Friend

    Depression waits for me in the corners of my mind. I must keep the mind inside of me busy as to keep it from stirring rightfully settled dust. Television is not enough, music will not suffice, neither writing nor drawing will keep the mind active enough. Simultaneously I run them. And yet...
  3. agraymatter


    Oh. I haven’t written this entry yet? I’m not mad, really. Rather I am impressed, again, with potential of this thing inside me: my mind. Despite the chimera I was aggressively fixated on while standing before the mirror, I manage to remember what actually happened: I brushed my teeth. As it...
  4. F

    List of mental metaphors and phrases/figments that have to do with the mind

    I hope to recieve an answer (: I'll try to be as precise of what I want Mental metaphors/symbols might include, emotional baggage, figments of the imagination, emotional barriers, personal demons. While they are there, there isn't LITERALLY baggage, figments, barriers and demons in your mind...