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psychological thriller

  1. vasilssavasilissa

    writing a psychological thriller set on a ship?

    (I've posted this on another writing forum as well so it may seem familiar!) Hello everyone, I'm in the very early stages of developing a new story idea. The basic synopsis goes something like this: In the 1970s, a Great Lakes freighter sets sail, but the crew are trapped in a dangerous cycle...
  2. W

    Psychological horror/thriller (but not super horror-y) but feel good at the same time?

    Is this possible? I’m trying to write a story about a little girl who‘s trapped in a creepy place, filled with creepy people (so like a metaphor for the female life 😂, it’s fantasy though, the creepy peeps are more creepy creatures) and it’s kind of connected to the human mind, and also dreams...
  3. ussaid

    Horror/thriller novel idea

    So, I just came up with this idea for a novel, and I have written a short summary. Please read the paragraph and comment your thoughts. I didn't really had quality presentation on my mind when I wrote this, but it is good enough I guess. Genre: Psychological/Thriller/Horror Here we go: A...
  4. I

    TWISTED ( a short story)

    TWISTED by IamBum Dawn. Rachelle is running into the woods. Barefoot. Her face is flushed and her dress is stained with mud. She’s running as fast as she can, not minding the painful scratches the twigs are giving her. There are a few visible scratches on her arms and feet. The leaves...