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  1. Amnesiac

    Hello, September!

    Hellooooo, September! We've been waiting for you! This is the off-ramp from the heat, the time that summer punches her pillow and nestles down to fall asleep for the year... This is the time that week by week, the sunlight mellows and falls more sweetly across the land, the sky turns to a...
  2. lumino

    The rhetorician's couldn't figure it out

    What I have often researched on the web is prose rhythm, looking for some principles by which to arrange metrical feet in my writing, in order to give it the sound of something as eloquent as the King James Bible. I have not found much of anything to do with rules for rhythm, except things that...
  3. H

    #30 Embracing Lucidity

    Lucid dreams, life unseen, waves stirring slumber’s depth. Hospital gown, people surround, nurse saying time to go, tears stream through good byes, white room without walls. Rows, chrome rails, crisp sheets, patient’s wheeled beds, Placed in my space, leaning to whisper, toward my face...
  4. H

    #25 When Counting Counts

    Dialing numbers 123, voices traveling magically, through atmosphere. This digital remote we tote, genie’s bottle requesting sequentially, zero's one. Military’s exercise homogenized, babysitting toddlers, ask Siri where to play. Spread sheet calculations, personnel manipulations, addition by...
  5. H

    #23 Testing, Check, Is This On?

    Divorce made kindling of our family tree. Enter teenage angst, exit parental unity. Tune out, turn on, Dr Demento, Monty Python, Cheech and Chong passed their bong. A bit of irony, Alex Haley’s Roots brought slavery to TV, sponsored by Wonder Bread. Furnace causing fire, roof to wall, sparing...
  6. H

    #21 My Undivided Seat

    Ladder climbing, cherry picking, bowls mounded, overfilling, startled robin, from nest to wing. Sticky fingers pitting, runny juice. Ma’s fruit inspired community, Plumbs to pears, arbored grapes Winesap apples by the crate Strawberry, prairie spy, huckleberry pie On kitchen counter, my...
  7. H

    #16 Naivety at Play

    On board afloat, autumn’s forest surrounding, cinnamon, persimmon, brown colored, leaf to tree. Concealed, this shoreline blind, foreshadowing words Reservoir sleuths, decoys deployed, naivety at play. Nestled we three, layered warmth combat wet, foreboding foul weather, calling fowl from...
  8. H

    #14 Perfection Not Attained

    Wild hair, wild patch, planting beds calling Adirondack chairs offering, seats to observe. Houndstooth violets, ginger, red bud, fern, understory narrative, suburban sanctuary. Perfection not attained, blooms limb to ground, round lines, mulch beds, flowing, sweeping. Scraggly, knot...
  9. PiP

    Coffee Break: Who's Up Next On Flashes of Brilliance?

    Looking for a good read while you put your feet up with a cup of coffee or your favourite beverage? Check out <'Flashes of Brilliance'> for the latest WF member fiction, poetry and interviews!
  10. M


    This is a prose poem I wrote. I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I appreciate anyone that reads it. Thank you! I play jazz at night And I care for Samantha in the day. She likes that window Gazing from her wheelchair at the desert highway At The cars and the building traffic...
  11. M

    In the Pits of Happiness

    Might have to delete this post! It's messed up on my computer!
  12. kbsmith

    Psychological Ownership - FF, Prose, Poetry - 600words

    PSYCHOLOGICAL OWNERSHIP of time or space or ideas and information. I exist inside a world of a billion little balls tied together with strings, bounding and bouncing off each other in a spherical field around me. The strings hold them together when they touch, and pull tension on each other...
  13. Mondestrunken

    Duke City Enchantment - Memoir

    To start off - I recently went through a couple of big life transitions and although I am happy with the direction things are going, it has put me into a bit of a slump. I'm feeling anxious about the future and thus I have been nostalgic for the simplicity of the past. This is an area of my life...
  14. Taknovrthewrld

    A short story: Margery and Diggory go to Couples Counseling

    Margery and Diggory, her aloof husband, walked into the Couples Counseling Group with matching unease. Also matching were the color of her dress and his tie; her purse and his belt and boots; and their wedding bands, untarnished, still shining bright. But during the first few months of their...
  15. Dylan_9711

    Beaulieu Sur-Mer

    All was peaceful and all was fair, the town shuttered in the silence usually accompanied by the hardy sounds of laughter and merriment. But, this was a moment of repose for the people of Beaulieu Sur-Mer. Not only two days ago, King Henry VIII ordered the killing of some of the churches...
  16. sayyoulllstaygold

    Self publishing, back cover book description.

    I am currently preparing to self publish my first novel. I am having a bit of trouble reducing my 53,000+ words into a 300 word description. This is my first draft. If anyone has any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for giving me a chance. Remy Giordano is a...
  17. rebekahmichel

    All Alone In The Dark

    All alone, In the dark, I trusted you, I trusted myself, How did I allow myself to get so close? I'm only a teenager, Yet I know, Love hurts. -Rebekah Michel
  18. Richard.E.Craig

    Paradise Summers: Reminiscences of Childhood No1 By R.E.Craig

    Remember how-when we were young we ran among the golden meadow. Remember those sweet summer days by the cool burbling brook that ran at the foot of the bottom field. Remember how-as kids we played-how life was then forever. How days were blue and the sun shone hot upon our little pink backs...
  19. A

    Undivided Attention

    Not a professional writer - so please don't jump on me. I just wrote this for fun as the beginning of a book. I'm still open to any criticism/comments, but please keep it respectful. “You wanna hear something funny?” Kelly Anderson took a dainty bite out of a...
  20. kevinjchilds

    The Prison

    The excerpt below was designed to be a prologue or introduction and as such some of the paragraphs are intentionally vague (In the hope of creating a somber 'mood'.) I would appreciate any feedback at all and will be sure to reciprocate in the future. Also, This is my first post so I apologize...