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prose poem

  1. M

    All We Need is Matching Overalls (Prose Poem)

    Hey guys, this is a little prose poem that I wrote a few months back. Thank you for reading :-D Yeah, wartime prisons, they ain’t gunna shoot you a smile, they ain’t gunna give you a banana sandwich. They aint got niceties. But you can’t deny wartime prisons for their unwavering support for...
  2. PiP

    Prose poems - which type do you prefer?

    Still on my mission to write a prose poem I continued my research courtesy of Google and discovered A Brief Guide to the Prose Poem by Danielle Mitchell over at Poet's Revolt. It was there I discovered there were actually four different types of prose poem a fact that had somehow, in my...
  3. PiP

    What makes prose a poem?

    I am curious. What is a prose poem or is it just 'purple prose'? Please can you share examples and explain why they are poems and not prose. ETA I've read some prose labelled poems and I'm left scratching my head. Here is an example https://www.poets.org/poetsorg/poem/still-life-rayfish
  4. M

    The Crime of a Dying Man

    This is a little prose poem I wrote, thank you for reading :-) When the lake swirls with a thousand ghosts it appears as mundane as a dry mist to Marty the dying man in his fedora hat. When the headlights climb the drive the window in the lounge is suddenly an endless fence in his son’s...
  5. C

    Eyes Like Cutaneous Membranes of Sharks (Surrealist Valentines)