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  1. R

    On becoming happy - introduction to a book - corrections on writing style/grammar

    What if? a. You can become happy just like that wherever you are. It does not matter what condition you are in. If you want to, you can make it right at this moment. b. You can do away with complexities in your life just by modifying your thoughts using a simple model as support c. You do not...
  2. gokedik

    She and I

    We loved, in spite of our challenges. Sometimes banging our cages, just to touch and be touched. Hope was not available but Faith sufficed. Faith being a timed-release hope, bigger and stronger. She held my words and I, her eyes. Death could not be avoided. We all had our dates...
  3. gokedik

    Year in Review

    I’ll be turning 41 next month. October 15, stone cold Libra. I review my life when a birthday is this close, not consciously but as a habit. I have a friend, and once mentor, that I’ve known for 20 years and one dear, once therapist, friend I’ve had for ten that is still #1 in my book. Two new...