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  1. Xan

    The Dream, Fantasy (654 word prologue)

    Second draft of a prologue to my 46k word WIP. Two major questions: 1) Do you want to read more? 2) Is there enough description? (third question, whether to include the prologue or not, cannot be asked without including chapter one. Another day.) I also welcome any other thoughts, particularly...
  2. N

    The Forgotten Land of Myria- Prologue :)

    It must’ve been in the last few years of the episode of the plague for it seemed the wipeout was just about to be executed. Soaring through the sky were a pair of satellites detecting the underground barriers that had been placed, and, from a distance, I could sense the squad of Cessna AT-8...
  3. Red-James


    Forsaken Book 1The Touch Prologue The heavens covered the earth in a black, hazy emptiness, and only the brightest of stars braved shining through the misty void. Their brilliance came out as amber hues. The moon was full, and hung low in the night sky, vividly, emitting a crimson omen upon the...
  4. D

    Astral Prologue

    This is the prologue to a novel I want to write and get published. This is a work in progress so constructive critiques are very much wanted and value. Thank you for clicking on this and enjoy. She sat in the derelect building, the only light coming from the moon and the faraway city shining...