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  1. gokedik

    Dominoes in the sand (Part 5 of an adult journey)

    Dillon hit the sack hard, genuinely exhausted from their date. He woke a couple hours later, wanting Cyndi. She had infiltrated his heart and mind, he couldn’t get the vision of her in her bikini top and jean shorts running for the Ferris wheel, out of his head. Maybe it was her cute little...
  2. Elvenswordsman

    Twenty Years Young

    Twenty marks the day that I pass from my teens When life is expected to turn to routines Every day is a blur, sleep-work-repeat Never changing until this life is complete Today marks the day that I pass from my teens Yet still I place faith in my childhood dreams Years long past did I choose to...
  3. S


    Well, to be honest I really don't know how I should introduce myself in a way that would help me fit in with the other writers on this site but here's my attempt. My name is Steve Miller, Like the band, I'm 17 years old and because of this I'm most likely one of the least experienced writers...