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post apocalyptic

  1. Hamdog

    City of Ash - 250 words

    Dystopian SciFi 
    This is my first post here. A heavily abbreviated plot synopsis I just whipped up of a trilogy I've been working on. I would appreciate any feedback/constructive criticism on how the book sounds, or if it would be something you think you'd be into, thank you very much. City of Ash Realistic...
  2. Apex Predator

    "From the Mushroom Cloud" | SHORT STORY (*lanuage warning)

    The world is dying. After the aging prejudices of the global superpowers became too great, there was only one inevitable response – total N.B.C.W (Nuclear Biological & Chemical Warfare). First came the nukes; scores upon scores of them fell across the great cities of the world. Soon the...
  3. Rojack79

    The Chronicles of The Apocalypse, Prologue.

    Prologue. August, 5th, 2050. Rick looked up at the black roiling clouds above him in the sky. He put his bloody hands on his chest as the deluge continued to pour down overhead. “Is this it?” He sighed as the wind, and rain swirled around him, it’s fury fueled by thick dark clouds over head...
  4. H

    Tales of New Solace Vol.1 (3000 words)

    Bradley looked closely at the eggs as they simmered on the camping stove, under the blanket of dust that permanently covered the sky. He felt safe; the protection of a perimeter of booby traps that he had set up, same as he always did, made sure of that. The eggs were sunny side up, just like...
  5. HumanYoYo

    Days of Fog - New Idea, First Paragraph

    How does this sound? Good 'ol honest feedback is always appreciated. :topsy_turvy: (Ok, three paragraphs... ) These were days of fog, seeped up from the marshy fields and stream beds, from over the Pacific, from all directions. Every morning I stepped out on my porch and looked down toward the...
  6. H

    Zynthos Chapters 4-6 Revised (13,450 word count) PG13

    This is a continuation of a book found here Feedback that would be nice: -What you think of the story -Character dialogue -Questions about plot points -Confusing paragraphs Again thank you for taking time to read this! Chapters 7-9 will be posted tomorrow.
  7. H

    Zynthos Chapters 1-3 Revised (11,341 word count) PG13

    So I haven't posted anything in 2 years but I remembered I had chapters 1-5 on this site and am now a lot farther. I would like some feedback on what I have. I'll be posting in 3 chapter blocks so that I don't monopolize the forum. The changes in these first few chapters may be minor compared to...
  8. Tyler Danann

    After the Fall

    This is a short post-apocalyptic film (just over 7 and a half minutes long) I made with a few others last year. It's independently made and funded, shot on location in the wilderness of the rocky-mountains...