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  1. Stormcat

    A Pox on both your houses!: Writing a Plague in the time of COVID-19.

    So I had an idea for my story... based on current events. I made the mistake of driving past the front of the hospital today and saw there was a "protest" of a hundred or so people against the COVID-19 vaccine. I'll spare you my thoughts on the people in the protest. Anywho, this got me...
  2. J


    He who holds the flame high, As he burns it. He who flies the eagle’s soar, As he directs it. He is maroon today and tomorrow it seems the same. Fortnight spent spouting red, and now he is blue. What color will he be today? his Lady need know, must know or how can she stand so tall? He...
  3. grant-g

    Mud is in the Air: and Genuine Advice for Mitt Romney

    Mud is in the Air: and Genuine Advice for Mitt Romney Tiresome, the baggage and the pasts of otherwise blank faces; postured, affluent, seeking last second fame. Who were these guys anyway? There’s no Eisenhower, there’s no Nixon. Two at a time throwing mud, that without...
  4. Revekka


    One of my latest poems, wrote it in ten minutes to be exact. It's intended to be about the Occupy movements but can be interpreted in other ways. Peace, Revekka Revolution What happens to us when Our dreams have gone dry In the land of opportunity We’re left here to cry An act to protect...
  5. theusedfire5

    If You Believe In Something

    This is the title of my book in progress. It is essentially a proclamation to all who see that beliefs impact their life regularly. It covers where beliefs originated, their impact on society, where these beliefs may lead us, and if we were to unify all these beliefs where it would go. However...
  6. 0

    Legal Positions of Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozy and the 2011 Libyan Conflict

    In March 2011 three nations, The United States, France, and The United Kingdom used military force to establish and enforce a no-fly zone above Libya. Within each nation lives an individual with the weighty responsibility of being the nation’s chief executive and commander-in-chief. Between...
  7. Nazgul Killer

    A Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action Story... Working Title: Conquering The Hydra (Long story)

    A Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action Story... Conquering The Hydra This story has gore in it, intense warfare and some harsh language. Bear in mind. The year is 2017, Russian and America grew ever closer in the past few years as China grew ever so mightier. A Russian Revolutionist Party, a Democratic...
  8. S

    This article is slightly old

    The AV referendum: a victory for Cameron On 5 May, the same day as the local council elections the AV referendum will be held, that is the referendum on whether we should maintain our present first-past-the-post electoral system or change to the preferential voting system AV. On paper...
  9. C

    Whose time is it anyway?

    Old Abe Lincoln, King Hassan: Do friends and traitors get them right? I'm young but still can bring response to wills imposed with words and might, God took the King, the other shot dead. Progress slips through bloodied hands. Since their stories are not read, war still plagues unstudied lands.