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  1. RHPeat

    Poem & Epistle: understanding the metaphor’s use

    The Metaphor Much is won or lost with one’s skill and cunning with the blade; if the steel is to make its fatal mark and bend a contender to his humbled knees. The metal should be a well known piece from the gripped handle to the point with a knowledge of it’s double edge; a sharpness that...
  2. RHPeat

    The Metaphorical And The Conceit (part I)

    The Metaphorical And The Conceit As It Speaks In Poetry, And/Or Poetic Prose The common presumption: That the denotative is the dominate thrust of poetry and poetic prose rather than the connotative. But is it so? For the connotative is the fertile ground from which all metaphorical...
  3. Farewell


  4. Frond


  5. Waves


  6. T

    Broken confidence

    So I’m confessing my love to you. Through writing i know You’ll never get to read. Just to imagine for a second That I’m with you And you’re with me edited version So I’m confessing my love to you Through writing I know...
  7. At Sunset

    At Sunset

  8. M

    Ma Will Pay

    Been quite a while since I have posted anything in here. Just a short poem I wrote recently. I don't write too much poetry but looking to write more of it. Thanks! Ma Will Pay I’m living idle wishing I was a living idle, Instead I got ma working While I sit and dream Soaking up that income...
  9. Wisdom


  10. Untitled


  11. The Donut Shop

    The Curtains

    In the dark, still, sanguine halls, there is a certain rustling. A low, slow, slither like the certain assured sliver of a curtain torn thither and dragged against the sallow walls. Like snakes in fall leaves they rattle, they battle, they clatter without the brush of time, nor wallow in that...
  12. September


  13. Flow


  14. Yesterday


  15. In the Mist

    In the Mist

    mist fills the night— there are no ghosts, just my self and me in mellow light I pause only to listen to rustling in the trees, where secrets like my own might be guarded mystery it’s not for me to know what those might be, it is a comfort just to feel a kindred familiarity (c) Neetu Malik
  16. J

    Regardless of what, it will surely be.

    The days have gone, the days have come, Renewed what was and will continue to be, Through stormy skies, and the breaking of sunrise, Only then, will the eyes then see. Despite the lingering days of shadow, Our hearts then yearn to be free, Through winter days where the heart relays, Of how much...
  17. Dusk


  18. Cockney Speak

    Cockney Speak

    Cockney speak is rhyming slang and what we use when in the gang. So listen well my foreign friends, don’t think too much and just pretend this nonsense you don’t understand, is not planned - just rhyming slang. I’ll start my lesson so listen well and as for meaning - try not to dwell as to why...
  19. J

    Stillness despite the rainfall.

    Through thick and thin, through every sin, Through every storm before the win, While shadows lurk and doubt would creep, While hearts would mourn and eyes would weep, Before the storm, remaining calm, With hand in hand, without a qualm, A steadfast stillness despite the clash, Where...
  20. View


    your sky no different than mine, just another view (c) Neetu Malik