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  1. leoflynnwriter

    Hi, I'm Leo Flynn

    Hi, I'm Leo Flynn, and I'm a self-published author. I write science fiction and poetry, and am very excited to be here!
  2. C

    The Wanderer ---

    From brine that comes and goes Across hot sand Into hills and plains and groves My shadow tells the time And ratchets around my toes The mist falls from the ground And plays where it arose Then heights shrink underfoot As my eyes dry by what blows I blink and turn And see the shiny skirt From...
  3. S

    Free Poetry

    Are there any hard-and-fast rules about writing free poetry. I am in the learning curve. Thank you!
  4. Annie. Marie


    All energy speaks from the same tongue Individual thought shapes individual reality. Hostility stems from the ego. Questions of who is right. Neglecting that the answer may be Anyone. Chanting recognizes Praying recognizes Mediating. All emanation of related vibrations. Full hearted belief...
  5. Annie. Marie

    Security Blanket

    Your memory warms me on the coldest of days It slides around my thighs to travel across my chest An embracing trace it knows oh so well I use it as my picnic blanket allowing it to be the only thing comfortable enough to come between the grass and I It covers me under the moon protecting me...
  6. Annie. Marie

    Wishful Teachings

    I long to learn the dance of the dandelion; To grow outwards as the sun hits me so To grant wishes through breaths and once blown away to grow through new opportunities wherever my pieces may land.
  7. PiP

    Call for Submissions: Flashes - Poetry and Fiction

    SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Flashes is seeking previously unpublished work in the English language only. Work self-published to personal blogs and noticeboards will not be excluded. Submissions should be properly edited and submitted in manuscript format. Accepted file types are .doc or .docx . Other...
  8. B


    <<<<<This one is pretty short and sweet, and I usually write in free verse. Let me know your thoughts!>>>>>>>>> Orange twists and lemon pie Something sweet like summertime Sun-baked sunscreen and whiskey rye I wish we could do this all the time But the sun goes down and the grass turns brown...
  9. thefloridapoet

    NEEDED ASAP Poems for Dr's & Nurses Week Mayo Clinic Jax, FL

    Calling all Poets and writers! Submit your poems and/or uplifting, cheerful, inspirational message to the staff at Mayo clinic and Hospital in Jacksonville, FL this week through until May 12th for Poem-in-your pocket and National Nurses Week.... Nurses poem themed, Florence Nightingale...
  10. Neetu

    New Pieces on Duane's PoeTree

    A flash fiction piece and two of my relatively new poems are in this Blogspot. http://duanespoetree.blogspot.com/search/label/Neetu%20Malik
  11. H

    Cultured Purls

    West window, facing. Beside slipper'd feet, woolen skeins nestle. Shadows pull light from day. Raveled yarn through fingers play. Two gaged pattern, fair isle swatches, bundled compilations, rise. Suet chatter in pastel’s light. Flocked communities drawn into sight. Blue jay’s boisterous...
  12. H

    Space Reimagined

    Failing health’s gravitational pull, lifestyle’s independent abode, depart. Guided, hand to key. Closed door, revealed. Rusted hinge, tarnished lock. Faith, ambition’s promise. Patience, negotiation’s way, stewardship granted. Rafters to cellar, winter solstice of dusty gray. Spider’s veil...
  13. T

    The Difference Between Knowing and Seeing

    The man, across the ravine, plays games with his guitar, and teaches it to sing. In the stark yellow-May-light, I heard him cry a mellow sea song. A sad eyed creature- a she, they say, smiles at my siblings, answers the door, yet her ghost-like soul is always miles and miles away. Does her...
  14. T


    He is sunshine, in the sycamore, yellow paint, April day way. When he walks, his features blur like unformed clay, wind, or the waves when they sing. But it never draws attention, quiet, perpetually smiling, warm warm. . . Sweet maple syrup, Christmas, and clementines all combined. Rain in...
  15. H

    Culture’s Thoughtless Irony

    Braided cables woven, answering gravity’s scoff. Strength of innovation pulling, compound might aloft. Steel arms, threaded joints, interlocking stone, passage spanning, trusting, truss to truss. Boulders’ choral wash, cascading in accompaniment. Deadfall’s slackest interaction, flotsam’s...
  16. H

    Within the Woodshed

    Wind cuts, tree falls, life re-imagined, Knife to wood, shaving layers from time. Steel edge beneath this surface, sharper images emerge. Spoon feeding soul’s goodness, chips falling through space. rendering emerges, past tense erased from under dead fall, brown trout eyes hellgrammite.
  17. lumino

    Does anyone have a copy of my piece?

    In 2012, I think, I wrote something and posted it on the writer's digest community site, but I lost the piece and then that site shut down, which is not the forum which they have today. In other words, they no longer have a copy of what I wrote. So I emailed one of the people who worked at...
  18. H

    Thoughts Aloft

    Intimacy, caterpillar’s spun cocoon, nestled, tethered silk balloon, Powdered wings, guided lunar flight. Thoughts aloft, drawn to light.
  19. C

    Places In the Heart

    Places in the Heart This house is new and improved others are old and well-worn. They cast long shadows and trails of reputations long gone. We were up, in, through, out happy cadets lining the walls. We were cords, medals, hats detailed in service for all. Established statuesque venues...
  20. H

    #30 Embracing Lucidity

    Lucid dreams, life unseen, waves stirring slumber’s depth. Hospital gown, people surround, nurse saying time to go, tears stream through good byes, white room without walls. Rows, chrome rails, crisp sheets, patient’s wheeled beds, Placed in my space, leaning to whisper, toward my face...