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poetry discussion

  1. C

    Places In the Heart

    Places in the Heart This house is new and improved others are old and well-worn. They cast long shadows and trails of reputations long gone. We were up, in, through, out happy cadets lining the walls. We were cords, medals, hats detailed in service for all. Established statuesque venues...
  2. clark


    I recently posted three poems-- A Mother Shops With HerChild Satan's Reverie A Tourist Leaves the Cruise Ship for a Stroll I would be pleased to benefit from your comments on the individual poems under their titles and poems, in the usual matter. Always helpful. In addition to those focused...
  3. P

    All the flowers are made of paper

    This has been spurred by a recent conversation, but is something that comes up time and time again on WF and in other crit groups. It's the instruction to cut work back, or the converse to add metaphor, emotion and imagery. What tends to happen, especially with developing writers, is that they...
  4. Firemajic

    How to respond to critique

    PULEEEEZE remember, most critiques are not a personal attack, seriously, get over yourself! How are we going to learn and grow as writers if we are constantly offended by any critique that is NOT dripping with empty praise and vain ego massaging. I am a serious writer, I am here to learn, I am...
  5. clark


    3 August 2017. At least three brief essays on Metaphor already grace this Discussion group, but PiP said she wanted more, so I--ever fearful of Piglet Wrath On The Sand (PWOTS)--hastened to comply. PiP said that many of the participants in the Challenge are quite new to writing poetry...
  6. RHPeat

    The Metaphorical And The Conceit (part I)

    The Metaphorical And The Conceit As It Speaks In Poetry, And/Or Poetic Prose The common presumption: That the denotative is the dominate thrust of poetry and poetic prose rather than the connotative. But is it so? For the connotative is the fertile ground from which all metaphorical...
  7. A


    Epigram Derived from the Greek “epigramma” meaning “to write upon.” The form developed in Hellenistic Greece and began as an inscription carved onto a stone monument or onto an object such as a vase. It became a literary form in its own right and may have developed out of the proverb...
  8. A

    Exploraform: Rubaiyat

    Rubaiyat The rubaiyat is a very old Persian form whose name derives from the Persian word rubái which translates to “quatrain.” The form is sometimes called the Omar Khyyám quatrain because the form was first popularized in English by Edward Fitzgerald in an 1859 translation and adaptation of...