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  1. MrDunnePoetry

    "Tupac Used To Rap For Me"

    "Tupac Used To Rap For Me" I took to black culture, cause there was no dad for me/ Everyday he got more colder, Tupac used to rap for me Had me feeling like a soldierrr, was something I could be/ I used to pray to Jehovah, hoping he'd get back to me My family hate me bad, I think they have it...
  2. Cici Moon

    Doing What I Love!

    I want to first say that I hope all who are reading this are in good health and good spirits! My pen name is Cici Moon, and mostly I write purely for the joy and mental health benefits that it provides me with. Would I love to be published one day? Of course, who of us that are writers here...
  3. Annie. Marie


    You almost calm me at night with the stories that you tell while the other monsters, amuse and inspired, slide out from under the bed to listen in