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  1. NeenaDiHope

    She Waits

    She sits in the misty morning, down by the sea, awaiting her lover so solemnly. With baited breath she listens for the footsteps she knows so well, strong and sure, no uncertainty to dwell. Her heart is a flutter, her stomach full of butterflies, she daydreams about a future she knows is a lie...
  2. TKent

    Guest Interview: Berndadette Geyer

    WF is excited to bring you an in-depth interview with American poet and freelance writer, Bernadette Geyer. Her full-length poetry collection, The Scabbard of Her Throat, was selected by Cornelius Eady as the 2013 Hilary Tham Capital Collection title, published by The Word Works in early 2013...
  3. A

    Autumn Reign is the "Name"

    It is a great pleasure to join W F... It was suggested from another website. I will continue to visit and I hope I can build some new relationships with writiers. I think poetry is music for the written word. Being a poet can be very lonely and often times we are misunderstood. I look...
  4. C

    Hello Writers!

    Hi, my name is Eileen and I recently joined the forum. I am really excited to begin sharing some of my work with you! My favorite thing to write is poetry when I catch the inspiration bug ;), but I also enjoy writing short stories and articles. I'm also enjoying reading the other member's work...
  5. F

    New to this site

    I am a 49 year old poet from New York City.I've been writing less than five years.Some of my poems have been published in a facebook anthology,and online.I would love to meet other "new"writers.