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  1. Friendship


  2. Nuggets


    Let the poems speak for themselves. I choose to express myself in as few words as possible.
  3. Nate Gallon

    Righteous Parth

    Kind of lonely today; Praying for better mistakes than others I make. 'Thoughts to remember, They keep me insane. I'm discounting the days 'takes to wither 'way. 'Seems I'm s'posed to blame My self-doubting shame. The oars of this canoe go 'soon as they've come. Can you please help, sir; I...
  4. H

    Space Reimagined

    Failing health’s gravitational pull, lifestyle’s independent abode, depart. Guided, hand to key. Closed door, revealed. Rusted hinge, tarnished lock. Faith, ambition’s promise. Patience, negotiation’s way, stewardship granted. Rafters to cellar, winter solstice of dusty gray. Spider’s veil...
  5. H

    # 26 See Feel Be

    Making her laugh, my heart sings, sentimentally pulling heart strings, I smile. Tears in her eye, falling from mine. In my office she walked, mask of concern, biopsy, will you come? Messaged team, gotta go. Traffic pace, minds race, gown on, doctors face. Before one needle punched its...
  6. Anita M Shaw

    Creative Quest

    Wrote this one during a writer's workshop years ago when I got stuck in a poetry class. I didn't sign up for it. Did not consider myself a poet, and I really don't write much of it. But as the class I had signed up for was full, they parked me here. I was NOT pleased and I whined, I'm afraid, a...
  7. count58

    Why Birthdays Are Always Special?

    The morning is gloomy as I wake up The weather is cold as it is raining hard I feel so empty inside so Tears come rolling down my eyes No one beside me to cheer me up Then I thought what a day it would be, if there is no one to celebrate it with. I start to get up and wash up As I descent from...
  8. rebekahmichel

    All Alone In The Dark

    All alone, In the dark, I trusted you, I trusted myself, How did I allow myself to get so close? I'm only a teenager, Yet I know, Love hurts. -Rebekah Michel
  9. J

    Local Gems Poetry Press

    For all those interested--Local Gems Poetry Press has a new and improved website. Local Gems Poetry Press - Home For poets out there--they normally have anthologies open and they are known for having poetry books on all different themes. Right now they have an anthology open on Retail. :)
  10. booshfan421

    This isn't a prompt, it's a poem I wrote. Sorry bout that. Enjoy, anyway.

    It's like everything is falling apart. It's like tumbling into icy waters and being certain you'll drown. It's like a giant hand is squeezing your heart, squeezing so tightly that it stops beating but you're still alive, still there somehow, watching from the sidelines. It's like you're forever...
  11. itwascold

    The Corner of my Poems and my Thoughts

    Nothing is as it seems Nothing is as it seems, the Life dresses the things like this, with suits that you have to be able to see for to recognize in them what beats behind, because the life is an artist who, besides knowing to dream, has a point of folly that God loves to forgive. Nada es lo...
  12. E

    Charity book for Macmillan Cancer Support - please support me!

    Hi - if you live in the UK and have been touched by cancer in some way, as most of us have, please join my facebook group 'Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Table Book Club'. The objective of the club is for us to collaborate to publish a coffee table book: an anthology of poems and short...