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  1. When


    when the rain ceases I will look for the rainbow in your clouded heart (c) Neetu Malik.
  2. H

    Me rafters av gone!

    Me rafters have gone im all a song For them halcyan days of twitering away about nix and nowt An i see the trout. But woe have they gone and with a sing and a song Of stay at home all alone and go slowly and surely mad, the cad! New friend i have made and paths been laid to the...
  3. G

    River of Backhands

    Come with me, but please wipe your feet for a trip down the River of Backhands. Interesting fact, it was once called "regret" But the locals changed its name for the reaction it gets. It wants you mad. It don't want you dead. If it did, they would call it the "River of Death". So, hold your...
  4. G

    Bones in the Candle Light

    Everything it was you are Everything you see you'll be Separate paths but walked Seen the stars and noticed Sweet summer breeze, the fruit of trees Ground under feet Take a breath and hold it. The joy of sleep, and sadness weep a chilling pause of complex notice. A wound for ache, unselfish...
  5. G

    Piss Mist [ Explicit ]

    Your platforms stupid as hell. Open to the public, stuck in censorship cells. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut in case.. All you b*tches I talk sh*t on want to get in my face. Because you want to turn my word games to violence. Maybe I should note your name and stalk your family in silence...
  6. G

    Art in the Entropy

    Planting.. Reaping.. Seems so.. Fleeting Sometimes life, is simply getting water. Water... Sometimes life, is simply getting water. Moss can't gather on a rolling stone. But, nothings gained on the stone that rolls. Through the trees comes a violent breeze. Make a bed on the ground, fire...
  7. M

    Old Dog

    Hey guys, I haven't posted here in quite a while. Here is just something I wrote the other day spontaneously. Hope to post a little more often. Cheers My eyes roll like a fruit machine, jackpot, I’ve hit the whole lot, but back-alley puddles reflect what I ain’t seen. I ain’t all that hot...
  8. Nate Gallon

    Righteous Parth

    Kind of lonely today; Praying for better mistakes than others I make. 'Thoughts to remember, They keep me insane. I'm discounting the days 'takes to wither 'way. 'Seems I'm s'posed to blame My self-doubting shame. The oars of this canoe go 'soon as they've come. Can you please help, sir; I...
  9. P

    My Poem, Medea's Threnody, Is Published In Carmina Magazine

    My poem, “Medea’s Threnody,” went live today in Carmina Magazine. (It was originally published in Ship of Fools in 1994. I'm pleased that now it has a 'net presence too.) See my poem at https://carminamagazine.wordpress.com/medeas-threnody-by-pamelyn-casto/ Oh, and I forgot to post that my A...
  10. N

    Crimson Sky

    We loved the sunrises as long as they painted the sky crimson. Holding hands, eating ice creams, we sat there, looking beyond the horizon. We shared kisses in the rain, And you said I looked beautiful, How your quivering hands found solace in mine, And how my smile looked the prettiest. You...
  11. H

    Cultured Purls

    West window, facing. Beside slipper'd feet, woolen skeins nestle. Shadows pull light from day. Raveled yarn through fingers play. Two gaged pattern, fair isle swatches, bundled compilations, rise. Suet chatter in pastel’s light. Flocked communities drawn into sight. Blue jay’s boisterous...
  12. H

    Culture’s Thoughtless Irony

    Braided cables woven, answering gravity’s scoff. Strength of innovation pulling, compound might aloft. Steel arms, threaded joints, interlocking stone, passage spanning, trusting, truss to truss. Boulders’ choral wash, cascading in accompaniment. Deadfall’s slackest interaction, flotsam’s...
  13. H

    Within the Woodshed

    Wind cuts, tree falls, life re-imagined, Knife to wood, shaving layers from time. Steel edge beneath this surface, sharper images emerge. Spoon feeding soul’s goodness, chips falling through space. rendering emerges, past tense erased from under dead fall, brown trout eyes hellgrammite.
  14. H

    Thoughts Aloft

    Intimacy, caterpillar’s spun cocoon, nestled, tethered silk balloon, Powdered wings, guided lunar flight. Thoughts aloft, drawn to light.
  15. M

    Chair Leg

    This is a 'poem' I wrote haha. I haven't written a poem for quite some time and thought I would post the result on here. I would say enjoy, but can't guarantee anything. Chair Leg I’ll generally empathise with the perennially chastised I can stand between mountains kicking the rocks from...
  16. H

    #30 Embracing Lucidity

    Lucid dreams, life unseen, waves stirring slumber’s depth. Hospital gown, people surround, nurse saying time to go, tears stream through good byes, white room without walls. Rows, chrome rails, crisp sheets, patient’s wheeled beds, Placed in my space, leaning to whisper, toward my face...
  17. H

    # 29 Trace

    Trace, words from pencil, writing lines. sketches, generation’s story, family’s time. Fingers caressing my wife’s incision sites. Footsteps, Daniel Boon’s Cumberland miles. Stars from tent flap, Appalachian night sky. Wild flower patters, forest understory. Bees from flowers, honey in...
  18. H

    Filling Holes

    #27 Filling Holes Holes to fill when laughter stops, into rivers, tributary’s flow. Banks widen, volume rushing land to sea. Damn, flood, swell, lake. Creativity’s stream a part of me, breathing eating, one dream, end goal, sense of self, purpose, my dilemma when comedy ceased to be. They’d...
  19. H

    #25 When Counting Counts

    Dialing numbers 123, voices traveling magically, through atmosphere. This digital remote we tote, genie’s bottle requesting sequentially, zero's one. Military’s exercise homogenized, babysitting toddlers, ask Siri where to play. Spread sheet calculations, personnel manipulations, addition by...
  20. H

    #24 En Pointe

    Differ dramatically, dreams of slumber, awake with wonder, their daylight brethren. Passion, seeking kindled ways, third eye seeing sacred plays, beating life from spark. In Infancy life’s mindful occupation crawls to walk, leaps to fly. Forcefully pulling, drawing, purpose unseen without...