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  1. Yumi Koizumi

    Need volunteers to sign up for very light lifting...

    Team, The new podcast effort is looking for folks who can do some extremely light work, such as emails sent out to specific people, and maybe phone calls as well. Also needed are people who are good with scheduling things, making sure that all the pieces are in place to do an episode. Both of...
  2. Violeta

    Podcast looking for creative/narrative nonfic stories 350-2,000 words – pays $25

    Pillow Talking podcast is looking for first person, narrative/creative nonfiction stories of real-life bedroom conversations, 350-2000 words. We are self funded: that means you don't pay us, we pay you! Award is $25AUD. There are deadlines for upcoming themes, and you can submit in the open...
  3. Non Serviam

    WF Podcast: Giving and Receiving Critique

    Click here to go directly to the podcast. This rather important episode is focused on the main reason why we're all here: giving and receiving critique. It's in-depth stuff, comprising as it does some of the best guides ever submitted to the site in spoken-word form. There's excellent...