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  1. W

    Need a gathering place

    This is kinda about plot. It’s definitely necessary. I need a setting for my story, and I can’t really come up with one that works. I want it to be an enclosed space (like a building, in case you need help, idk) but very large where a lot of people can gather. Basically like a venue. Examples I...
  2. WasatchWind

    A whole slew of things I need advice with

    So I am new to this site, and currently writing a draft for my fantasy novel. I've got a lot of things I can ask for help with - is my hard magic system fleshed out enough to facilitate solving problems, are my characters developed enough yet, etc - But I think I need help with the lynchpin...
  3. T


    Plotting has to do with the emotional consequences of any action or dialogue. Shakespeare wanted to explore the consequences for example in Hamlet of Hamlet's father being murdered by Claudius (monarchy and madness maybe). This is the suspense question. An emotional question could be, is...
  4. J


    Have you ever pre-plotted a novel and has it helped you during writing? I'm thinking of doing this because I lose a lot of time just thinking about the plot during the writing process and I feel like pre-plotting could really help me with the writing speed and efficiency.
  5. Ride the Pen

    How to Create Drama and Plot without a Single Facebook Entry: Shakespeares “Macbeth"

    This is the first article from my blog (click signature): How to Create Drama and Story Plot without a Single Facebook Entry: Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” A playwright of the 17th century had one crucial advantage over a contemporary one: No distraction by Twitter messages! His disadvantage, on...
  6. A

    Tactically Good, Strategically Unproven

    Hi, Everyone, Just joined these forums in hopes of getting some help on my number one problem: "grand strategy"...by which I mean, I can write and tell a story but unfortunately so far I've not been able to actually "see" a living, breathing story past a few general premises, however promising...
  7. A

    Looking to Write Thrillers and Romances!

    Hi, Folks! Yes, yet another aspiring author here who believes he's got a fairly unique and unexplored angle on the most popular genre fiction of all time. :very_drunk: I'm hoping these forums will be inspirational. Specifically, I'm good with "tactics" but bad with "strategy," if you know...
  8. W

    Does this plot have a chance?

    Now that I've finished my first novel, I've been working on another idea. But, before I start, I would like to run it past you guys to make sure that I don't bomb it like I did on my first short story lol Here it goes: The year is 1799 In the tiny European country of Nabion, an opressed...
  9. egriffith

    Is my main character too passive?

    I am writing a story set in Japan 400 years ago. A 10-year-old boy is orphaned when his parents are caught up in a rebellion. He is rescued by a mysterious stranger. He is mostly following his mentor and reacting to a new environment for a good portion of the story. How-to books say there should...
  10. Prinkes

    Why were kids unpopular in your school?

    Why were kids unpopular in your school? I'm interested in any age group - I'm just curious as to why certain kids become outcasts and others do not. For instance, in my high school, kids became unpopular if they started to care about something - the minute they showed in an interest in...