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plot help

  1. dusk05

    Where do I start?

    Hello! My name is dusk05, and I think you guys will be seeing me more often than you think. Hopefully. So, I've been working on a story--in my head--since 2017, and I've just started to write it out. Unfortunately, the start of the plot is pretty empty. Here's a summary of my plot: Main...
  2. S

    Hello I am currently working on a short story. I believe I need feedback on it in terms of plot structure.

    This is the draft. My prompt for this was to write a short story about an old warehouse. It was just supposed to be a day of innocent exploring. Marcy had dragged Jane and Julie, the latter girl adamant that they would all get in trouble and their parents would be mad. Marcy, full of...
  3. Visualinotion

    Some help with my comic-book project

    Hello everyone! I'm working on a comic project and I'd like to read some opinions regarding my plot. Here's my story: In a world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals there exists a distintion between carnivores, herbivores and a third group called "expecially dangerous". Our protagonist is a...
  4. RedsFables

    Don't plot yourself into writer's block

    Writing can be extremely difficult. In many ways, we bare our innermost thoughts. How we get from Point 'A' to 'B' ergo etc... Today for some inane reason I focused on the roles we assign our characters. Good guy, bad guy, and so on, but while I was thinking it over I realized that by...
  5. WasatchWind

    A whole slew of things I need advice with

    So I am new to this site, and currently writing a draft for my fantasy novel. I've got a lot of things I can ask for help with - is my hard magic system fleshed out enough to facilitate solving problems, are my characters developed enough yet, etc - But I think I need help with the lynchpin...
  6. MelinaTheWriter

    Writing everyday scenes without being boring

    I'm not really sure if this question makes any sense, but I will try my luck anyway 🙂 One of the things I find hardest in writing is those scenes that aren't action scenes as such but rather fulfil the function of showing the characters more in depth and maybe let them interact with each other...
  7. Q

    ...How to Pull off My Villain?

    Hello fellow writers! I am excited about the novel that I am working on, but I am struggling with the villain. My novel is a modern supernatural/fantasy. My villain is more of an idea than a person. He has transcended from his original form. The Hero has defeated the villain and has started a...
  8. M

    Need help with a plot for a children's adventure story

    Hi, I'm working on a children's book in the genre of The Hardy Boys meets National Treasure. I've got an elaborate heist sequence sketched out that will make up the last third of the story. Here's my problem: I need to find a compelling reason for my heroes to break into a top security vault...