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  1. A

    What to do to put your play in the theater?

    Hi, wanted to ask if here anyone, whose plays were staged in the theater and how he (she) achieved this. Does a playwright (as a writer and screenwriter) need a literary agent? Can I just send it by mail? PDF or Doc? If you send a play to a theater in another country (for example, you are an...
  2. Heid

    Adapting for theatre (though I have no experience)

    I am reading a book that I feel would be ideal for a stage adaptation. However, even though I am a freelance writer, I have no experience writing for theatre productions. It's actually been a while since I even saw a play. Apart from absorbing myself in theatre culture, what advice can anyone...
  3. D

    A Part in the Play

    A Part in the Play There was a hell of a fuss in the five churches! For over twenty years the Deanery had been twinned with an area in Africa where Desmond Tutu had first started. Now, at Easter, the man was at last going to actually visit - Desmond Tutu was visiting! There were meals and...
  4. S

    Aqua at play

    My most reviewed SS and many have said I should make into a childrens book. This is the second story of Blu, Aqua and Azuless. The first is at least PG13, this one is pure G. Aqua Joltson, hatchling dragon daughter of Azuleton Joltson, wanted to rush out into the exciting world...
  5. PeteMalicki


    My latest effort. Feminocracy © Pete Malicki 2010 Cast Dave – the last man on Earth Katrin – a young journalist Eleanor – sexy and youthful Amanda – another attractive, young woman Carla – a ditsy blonde...