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  1. C

    The Wanderer ---

    From brine that comes and goes Across hot sand Into hills and plains and groves My shadow tells the time And ratchets around my toes The mist falls from the ground And plays where it arose Then heights shrink underfoot As my eyes dry by what blows I blink and turn And see the shiny skirt From...
  2. K

    What genres are best for light-hearted philosophies with some flow?

    What genres would you say is best for light-hearted philosophies such as these (what genres should I write these passages in)? Short stories don't seem like a good place for long pieces of philosophy...
  3. N

    Carpe Diem

    “I guess sometimes the greatest memories are made in the most unlikely of places, further proof that spontaneity is more rewarding than a meticulously planned life.” Redmerski struck the chord here. It got me thinking about how we waste so much time pondering and procrastinating things while we...
  4. N

    Existential Crisis

    I have never really been a fan of Nietzsche or any such philosophy maestros. I have actually always thought of myself as an actual philosopher, ha! But I took a long break from my love for writing when I started delving myself in everything that was just supposed to keep me busy. But, it never...
  5. N

    The Generation of the Millennials

    As I think about "the generation of the millennials", I ponder over the changes that they have gone through since the last, umm, Xennials. The period that defines the millennials is if they were born between 1981-1996/1997. Well, welcome then. I am not going to point out the flaws and the lacuna...
  6. N


    if you let go for a moment and slipped down between the ropes bracing your shoulder frayed by ceaseless tension never released yes if you slipped down between those ropes deep down into that fizzing centre previously only accessible to smug enlightened souls (when they talk you can only smirk...
  7. A

    Life in a Cuppa

    Up to a point ground leaves will seep into all its waters until the cup overflows so much as to stain the meticulously starched table linen. Then we shall face with reckoning its true substance!
  8. grant-g

    Heaven, Earth, and World

    Heaven, Earth and World Thinking about my past, I remember a K-3 elementary school where I was cornered, during a break period, by an angry group of older kids. One centered me up against a wall, the others boxed me in; preventing me from escaping around them. Shouting proof, after proof...
  9. grant-g

    A Bridge Over Social Facts

    A Bridge Over Social Facts “… human life in so far as it is actively engaged in doing something, is always rooted in a world of men and of man-made things which it never leaves or altogether transcends.” -Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition (Doubleday, Anchor:1959) America...
  10. grant-g

    Mud is in the Air: and Genuine Advice for Mitt Romney

    Mud is in the Air: and Genuine Advice for Mitt Romney Tiresome, the baggage and the pasts of otherwise blank faces; postured, affluent, seeking last second fame. Who were these guys anyway? There’s no Eisenhower, there’s no Nixon. Two at a time throwing mud, that without...
  11. grant-g

    Social Networking, an emulated base perception of what it is like to be a human

    Stuttgart, Germany 1770 George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel is born. That very year, across the Atlantic... English imposition met American opposition. They would remove tax on all consumer products, except for the Tea. Massachusetts had the best deals around. Governor Bernard was...
  12. D

    I know one thing, that I know nothing … (Socrates)

    In what wonderful way does the earnest acceptance of ignorance transform itself into the launch of the attainment of true knowledge? Only when one honestly practices and experiences this critical teaching can something important, dramatic happen both inside and outside him… One then realizes...
  13. R

    From an Otherwise Comfortable Room

    [Shhh] I’m an island with a ghost in my head. I’m a rolling hill of grass. I’m a bird, an eagle or a sparrow. I’m a stag in the forest, a shadow in shadows. I’m a continent joining sunrise and sunset. I’m a saline sea whose waves are years. I’m a traveler and a homebody. I’m an artist...
  14. A

    An Extraordinary Boy

    An extraordinary boy What I mean by an extraordinary boy is the strange and unusual behaviors of him. He always tries to give up them but they always happen with him. He has an intense love for learning which makes his behaviors strange than others. He love wisdom and has a great desire to...