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  1. Visualinotion

    What can I do with my main character's personality?

    Hello everyone. I'm working on a comic project and I already have a plot, the side plots, the characters and everything, but now I've got a problem with my main character. My story: in a world of anthropomorphic animals, a bear, which is considered a "Dangerous Animal", suffers from...
  2. S


    Well, to be honest I really don't know how I should introduce myself in a way that would help me fit in with the other writers on this site but here's my attempt. My name is Steve Miller, Like the band, I'm 17 years old and because of this I'm most likely one of the least experienced writers...
  3. A

    Few Chapters of Novel

    This is the first thing I have written. Please let me know what you think, any opinions are welcome. Thank you. Chapter 1 Since she could remember, she was known as Guan-yin. Not angel, princess, or my darling daughter. Guan-yin did well at school was always top of her class. She was...