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  1. RonPrice

    Defining a life, a time, an age

    Part 1: Some of the following information was obtained in a bookshop in Kensington just before leaving London for Tel-Aviv Israel on 3 June 2000. That information resulted, with some additions, in a prose-poem. More than a dozen years later into my retirement from a 50 year...
  2. starchild

    Journaling, Another Session with Betsy

    So here we go again. It's a new scene but the same scenario. The therapist assumes many things, but does not know what the heck is wrong with my brain. I just got back from my appointment at 2 pm. I drove myself in my new car about twenty minutes to the office. I went two hours early...
  3. T

    Troubles in regards to OVER-EDITING

    I have a novella that I have been piecing together for the past 4 months and I have it a wall. If I take a few days off from writing and go back to it, I always end up just revising it upon the re-read and now I can't seem to get past a certain point. My main character represents me to some...
  4. RonPrice

    Happy Birthday Charles Dickens: 200 Today!

    ENGENDERING TOOL There is a discipline, an earnestness, a self-reliance, that enables me to create myself, find my origins, in this poetry. This poetry is an engendering tool for making myself, defining myself, my life, like some progeny. Perhaps I am laying to rest the ghost of my father...
  5. RonPrice

    Imagination, creation & psychic integration

    IMAGINATION, CREATION & PSYCHIC INTEGRATION “Man may be, in a figurative sense, in prison, but he has also been given a large bunch of keys and several files. The fundamental and undeniable fact about the imagination is that its purpose is to intensify the life in man.” So wrote the prolific...