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  1. Justin Attas

    Anyone Else a Self-Appointed, Full Time Writer?

    When I was really honest with myself, writing was always what I waned to do. Not as a hobby or side-gig. I wanted it all the time, and I had the passion to do it. So... I quit my day job to see if having time would really remedy the roadblocks to breaking out. The result... well... I'm much...
  2. gokedik

    Dominoes in the Sand (Part 7 of an adult journey)

    “Hey babe.” Cyndi said. “I just called...”Dillon began singing, “to say...I love you.” Laughing, “You goof ball.” Cyndi said. “The biggest.” Dillon said. “What’s up?” Cyndi said. “Can you come over?” Dillon asked. “After I take a shower.” Cyndi said, “and wash my hair.” “I want to go...
  3. gokedik

    Dominoes in the sand (Part 5 of an adult journey)

    Dillon hit the sack hard, genuinely exhausted from their date. He woke a couple hours later, wanting Cyndi. She had infiltrated his heart and mind, he couldn’t get the vision of her in her bikini top and jean shorts running for the Ferris wheel, out of his head. Maybe it was her cute little...
  4. SamanthaMarie

    Please don't suck the life out of me...

    Hello all, I am 22 and in school right now working towards a degree in history, that being said I would like to state that it is sucking the creative juices out of me! I need to write about what I want to write about. Love and passion are what I like to focus on and are what flows through my...
  5. D

    A chapter from "Passionate romance on the Greek isles..."

    Kyllini and Kefalonia (Kefalonia is a green island off western Greece with white beaches) They left late the next morning and just made the ferry to Kefalonia Jason, Paul’s friend had invited them to use his house for a week. They arrived around 4:30. Elaine was stunned and shocked by what...
  6. D

    Life is

    “Life is ... Life is a stunning white bird streaking through the clear blue sky… Life is a honeybee honing in on a beautiful wildflower… Life is a gazelle running as fast as the speed of light… Life is the golden eagle spreading its wings… Life is the vividness of the leopard chasing its prey…...
  7. D

    My Ithaki

    "What I love in you is Your astonishing beauty, Your smile... Your beauty is of a very unique kind… I have not seen that before in my life… Pure, elegant, distinctive, Just simply, breathtaking…. What I love in your beauty Is the shape of your eyes… They are unique. They are well...
  8. Richard.E.Craig

    The Kiss That Lingers: A love poem By Richard.E.Craig

    The kiss that lingers on my lips is a kiss she set there years ago, it is a kiss I still feel and taste. The lips of a love long lost,the lips that intertwined with mine, your lips soft and moist. The tongue that played upon my tongue,the breath we shared, while deep within each others eyes...