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  1. W

    Best story ever written part 2: Winchester rises again.

    Author's note: Decided to give you guys a double dose of my literary awesomeness, prepare to be spellbound by this amazing story. Blaze winchester was riding his purple stegosaurus down times square. He retired from the police force, mainly because so many women wanted to make out with him. He...
  2. W

    Best short story ever written

    In the smoky coffeeshop. Supercop Blaze Winchester sat at the shaky, garbagy, piece of garbage they called a table. He stuffed chocolate donuts in his mouth and watched the breathtaking sunrise go down and wiped his mouth with a napkin and looked at the table next to him and put the napkin back...
  3. Will_Ohirko

    [Comedy/Parody] TV Ball. You're first taste of Will Ohirko (LANGUAGE)

    These are some concepts for a story I am writing or at least exploring the idea of, if there's any kind of thoughts you have with it feel free to express them. I'm not that good, but I have good ideas. ------------------------------------- TV BALL CONCEPTS GO! TV BALL ORIGINS: Picture an...