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  1. S

    Wanted to share ..... My NaNoWriMo

    Just like falling in love, I unexpectedly, surprisingly and quite girlishly fell in love with YA novels. I have been reading the genre ever since last year. It’s funny that in my teens I was a dark horror-junkie, breaking into science fiction in my twenties and ending up a fan of YA Novels in...
  2. S

    Help and Feedback Needed for my Synopsis

    I’ve been playing this story idea for a while now and what I find helps me is writing a synopsis. I have written and re-wrote it several times and would love some outsider feedback as my brain is too close to it. I strive to improve my writing in all possible ways. Thank you :) Title...
  3. B

    "Sensitive"/Psychic Characters

    Alright. I am currently working out a paranormal/thriller novel. My question to you all is simply this: do you think the "sensitive", or unknowingly psychic character, overdone in the genre? I was thinking about making one of my main characters one of those "sensitive" types but now I am not...
  4. S

    [Phantom Minds] Tale 2: The Red Sweater

    Author's Note: A tale based on a campfire stories told to me when i was younger. Alas my memories made me wrote this and published it online where i left it for a year. A Weird Tales Magazine author was interested with this story and ask me to write more, if only I constantly online to check his...
  5. ShatteredUniverse

    SOLARIS: The New Earth