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  1. R

    Chapter 6: The Paranoia Journals. (Arrest.) Warning: Language

    Okay, here's chapter six. If you want to read chapter 5, which has already been posted under one of the "Fear of Russians" excerpts, you can click on the webpage below... Also, note the chronology--this chapter is several months after chapter 1 (unposted) and chapter 5, and maybe 4 months after...
  2. R

    Chapter 4: Fear of Sin (and anti-Semitism, and eating ham in front of Jews)

    Here's chapter 4--chronologically much further along in the story than the last three chapters... I'll be skipping chapter 5, since it's back in the section from the old "Fear of Russians" and I've already posted it... but will post chapter 6 shortly... Thanks to all the readers for all the...
  3. R

    Ch. 3: Fear of X (and teenagers playing basketball while listening to Tupac). Languag

    Dear friends, Haven't posted for a while--many things happening. You can check out the new look of my website if you haven't yet--there's a like button, and a link to the novel's facebook page--I've completely rearranged it, so the novel's no longer in chronological order. I'm skipping posting...
  4. Y

    book about paranoia

    Hi Writers, I'm not a professional writer myself, but I'd wanted to write a book about my experience with paranoid schizophrenia, but I don't have the time. I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me write the book. You can e-mail me for details. In the book, I wish to...
  5. michaelcthompson

    "Pandemonium" excerpt.

    DISCLAIMER: This excerpt contains minor adult language and themes that may be offensive to some readers. Please proceed with caution. The following is a short excerpt from a work in progress, a novel called "Pandemonium: The Place of All Demons." It's a dark comedy which makes fun of psychics...