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  1. JellyTrigger

    Bonds of Insanity (22 Words)

    Dear fellow readers, Just posting a short piece for critiquing, it seems a bit plain to me. :scratch: Please review! Sincerely, Christian Rodriguez The Newbie Writer "Bonds of Insanity" Her voice was as cold as rain. Screaming of immense pain. Weak from our rusting chain. I struggle to...
  2. kbsmith

    Mountains Feel No Pain (mature, 2300w)

    Mountains Feel No Pain Along the fields before him, a heavy fog breathes upon the deep green of flowing hills. He stands in blood as it gathers in a pool; an arrow protrudes from the beast at his feet. Dropping his bag, he withdraws a long saw toothed metal object. He grabs the horns of the...
  3. gokedik

    Dominoes in the Sand (Part 8 of an ending adult journey)

    “I’m gonna’give him some oxygen.” Michelle said then left the room and came back with a mask. She gently picked up Dillon’s head and manipulated the mask getting the band behind his head and the mask over his nose. She was a pro and Carol appreciated it, not knowing that she was so attentive...
  4. gokedik

    The Easy(?) Way Out

    My Grandmother committed suicide, in May, 1998. But every suicide is like an iceberg, there’s a lot more to it. She shot herself with the gun that I touched as a child. The police report said that is was a .38 but I know for a fact it was a .32, I played with it, a child knows their favorite...
  5. J

    The Writer's Demise.

    No phrase applies better to the art of writing than it being a “blessing and a curse.” Writers, on one hand, are very blessed to be able to do what they do; and if they can do it well, that just adds to it. The blessing comes in because with most writers, it’s all they’ve ever had. Those loners...
  6. X

    What Happens When...

    What happens when he was never there, so all your time is spent in despair, waiting for some one to actually care? What do you do when he stole your heart, but ripped it apart, because in the end he never cared from the start? Where do you go so that nobody will know? How do you hide so that the...
  7. J

    The Gift

    On the darkest evening of the darkest day There stood a once great man who had lost his way. A long life full of sorrow and pain This man had nothing more to gain. He searched the darkened, hallowed halls of his mind Knowing there was nothing good to find. He was full of despair and regret...