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  1. lumino

    Style Limited by Form

    The title of this thread should be: Style Limited by Content When reading the works of different authors, I see that each of them have a quality of voice that differs from that of the others, which I attribute to cadence or prose rhythm. But I fail to see how the words they use differ from the...
  2. Writer One

    General writing.

    I am questioning my writing style. I find I cannot understand the subject and predicate in every sentence. I can't understand one subject and one predicate in all sentences only. I can understand after the first sentence which has a subject and a predicate fine, but after the first sentence...
  3. Writer One

    Understanding words.

    My problem is understanding words in a sentence. The sentence I just wrote I understood each word I wrote. The order I wrote them in is extremely important to me, because I do not want the reader to misunderstand what they thought I meant. I use words I know and understand, but my problem is my...