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  1. Trollheart

    Trollheart's Album Review Thread

    I'm just going to keep all my album reviews here. I enjoy a pretty diverse taste in music, so expect to see just about anything here. Feel free to comment on or discuss any of the albums I post here, and if there's an album you'd like my opinion on, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Note...
  2. Mermaid

    The hatred of Walt Whitman and his influence on contemporary poetry.

    The title may seem a tad bit deceiving. In my discussions of influential writers of poetry with my brother, who I may add is more knowledgeable than me, expressed a strong dislike toward Walt Whitman. He used strong language to express this. As well as point out that he influenced...
  3. M

    Narrator adding personal thoughts in third person/omniscient novel? Is it acceptable?

    By this I mean, in a novel where it's generally 'he said/she said' and 'he/she/they did this or that' essentially recalling events, is it acceptable to have the speaker interject with their own opinions of topics raised, instead of views simply remaining expressed through the characters...