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  1. thefloridapoet

    NEEDED ASAP Poems for Dr's & Nurses Week Mayo Clinic Jax, FL

    Calling all Poets and writers! Submit your poems and/or uplifting, cheerful, inspirational message to the staff at Mayo clinic and Hospital in Jacksonville, FL this week through until May 12th for Poem-in-your pocket and National Nurses Week.... Nurses poem themed, Florence Nightingale...
  2. gokedik

    Dominoes in the Sand (Part 7 of an adult journey)

    “Hey babe.” Cyndi said. “I just called...”Dillon began singing, “to say...I love you.” Laughing, “You goof ball.” Cyndi said. “The biggest.” Dillon said. “What’s up?” Cyndi said. “Can you come over?” Dillon asked. “After I take a shower.” Cyndi said, “and wash my hair.” “I want to go...
  3. gokedik

    A Home to Disturb

    Spending six years in different nursing homes, due to health needs both physical and physiological, I have seen how they work. And from insiders I was told how they were supposed to work. The safety of the patients which was ideally at the top of the job list, unfortunately was pushed to the...