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  1. mblank

    Motivation for longer works

    I get into really long and in depth works, and have a couple of novels going, but I seem to stall out pretty early. I have a plots, characters, ideas, and I can make them interesting when I actually sit down to write. So far, though, I haven't made it past 25,000 words. My main problem seems...
  2. V

    My introduction

    I've been writing fiction for the last eighteen years. I changed to speculative fiction after finishing writing three mainstream novels. Being an avid science fiction fan, I feel more comfortable with this genre as it gives me more leeway to present unusual ideas and speculate about the future...
  3. B

    Help with the plot for my fantasy novel

    Hey everyone! Well since I'm taking a creative writing course this coming school year, I decided to practice by making a story of my own. This will be a fantasy story with warriors, healers, mages, etc. So if you played an RPG, you would be familiar. The society is pretty advanced since one of...
  4. Woodroam

    I'm back! Why is it so hard? See me in the Fantasy Section. PLEASE!

    Hello writers: I am finally returning here after a long absence. At long last I am getting back to writing. I have the entire summer off and I hope to write nearly every day. I’m working on a novel with strong mythological and religious themes. I hope it isn’t too weird to be interesting. I will...
  5. K

    Hello from London

    Hi there, I'm writing the first draft of a novel and hoping to swap notes with people doing the same thing! It's quite a lonely business so I thought it'd be nice to hear what others have to say about it, and how they're coping. I write a blog about the project, posting something every week...
  6. Z

    my first chapter of a great new series of novels

    i need all types of comments! advice, spam, i will accept anything. this sign ( ` ) means he is thinking to himself since Italic does not work here. Chapter 1 Being part of an endless war was something that many humans hated. This war is so old that most people had forgotten how it had...
  7. J

    Brand new to this list!

    :read: I'm looking forward to reading many fine works here! I love this stuff! I don't think I write in one genre and I appreciate many genres including and not limited to Michael Crichton, John Saul and Kate Wilhelm. My first novel was published in July 2008 and was a fantasy called, "Dawn of...