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  1. SerenataImmortale

    How do I take a grim/violent subject matter and make it humorous?

    I'm taking a break from my usual large novel projects to try a smaller, light writing project/personal writing experiment. Along the lines of "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead," (although with a humor style closer to Orange is the New Black or Parks and Recreation,) I thought I'd take the...
  2. Shpob

    Adhahra: A Novelette

    Adhahra: A Novelette Mystari child come away Little Dreamer of the day Listen close to what I say— Discard heart’s dormant anger Lest you lure the Dream Eater Do not Dream without great care Or you’ll draw its starry stare Do not heed its drumming call And most important of all Remember the...