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novel exerpts

  1. T

    Untitled Young adult Sci-fi fantasy novel first draft 1st chapter ROUGH DRAFT

    Okay, this is a first draft of a Young Adult Sci-fi fantasy novel I am currently writing. I know my punctuation and grammar can be atrocious. Take in that I have only been focusing on the general story at this point. The refinement will come later ;-). This is the first chapter after the...
  2. Xan

    The Dream, Fantasy (654 word prologue)

    Second draft of a prologue to my 46k word WIP. Two major questions: 1) Do you want to read more? 2) Is there enough description? (third question, whether to include the prologue or not, cannot be asked without including chapter one. Another day.) I also welcome any other thoughts, particularly...
  3. ElysiumXae

    The Masterpiece Project

    This time, I spelled the title right! I will post the first chapter and see what response comes out of it before posting the next chapter. Here it goes! Chapter One Joseph Hunger twists my stomach into knots. How long have I been here in this four-walled glass...
  4. Richard.E.Craig

    Reprisal:A Political Thriller:By R.E.Craig - Warning: Some Language

    Morrison drained the last mouthful of beer from the can , then tossed its crushed remains into the rear of the stolen Ford Capri . The clock on the dash read 11.05 pm , ten minuets fast by the Timex on Morrison's wrist . In five minuets a black London taxi would pull up outside Major Langford's...
  5. mochastain

    Healing a Wound

    I wrote this story over the summer in the course of about...I believe an hour (I know, right, it usually takes me a WEEK to churn out something like this!) I plan to include it somewhere in one of my novels and as of now, this scene was supposed to take place somewhere in the middle. I'd explain...